Blade forging process in steps:

  1. Choosing the name for an incoming new tool
  2. Selecting proper steel
  3. Forging raw ingot of steel in hot way approximately 1000 °.
  4. Forming edge requires forging in cool way approximately 650 °., for the best micro structural quality.  All temperatures depend on material requirements.
  5. Tang forging
  6. Soft annealing
  7. Grinding  coarsely to find squeezed defects
  8. Forging gently to reach final rough shape of blade
  9. Soft annealing
  10. Grinding  all parts of blade and tang also
  11. Measuring  and drilling holes for rivets in relation to handle design
  12. Polishing blade coarsely from grain 40 up to grain 220
  13. Warming blade up to its quenching temperature (830° to 1040°, depends on chosen material) and holding whole blade in hot austenitic form for a several minutes
  14. Quenching blade in oil bath
  15. Grinding finely to its final shape
  16. Polishing blade faces and other surfaces from grain 80 up to grain 2000
  17. Polishing finely with cotton wheels to mirror look or etching by acid to black matt look
  18. Tempering two hours in electric oven from 160 deg. to 210 °. (depends on material and blade final requirements) to reduce  inner tension
  19. Freezing for several hours in -48 deg. and tempering again
  20. Carving the crafters sign and the name of blade on tang